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My Ebooks:
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17 Dec 2009

Let’s cover it up, it is cold outside.

Another month, another challenge; for the month of December the Daring Cooks challenge was host by Simone of Junglefrog Cooking who chose the Salmon en Croute from Good Food Online.
Even if a bit in delay, I managed to join the caravan also this time. Tonight’s dinner was easily set, does not matter if I ended up eating at 10pm; fish is easy on your stomach.
The recipe was quite simple actually and the result very tasty! Here you are the instruction to follow if you want to reproduce this tasty parcel for your family, why not for Christmas lunch.

Salmon en croute:

14 Dec 2009

MacTweet #1: The return of the sad shells

As some of you might know already, more or less one month ago Jamie and Deeba, decided to draw us in a periodical macarons challenge; the point being to overcome our fear of these little delights.For this reason they have created a proper reception point for all macarons fans: MacTweets blog.
I have already reported about my first attempt at baking macarons for a past Daring Baker challenge; this is my second try at them the results being not much different actually.
This time I decided to follow a recipe published in Pierre Herme’s book “Macarons” this just because I have tried his macarons when I was in Paris last month and I have more or less an idea of what I “should” look for on them.

8 Dec 2009

Food Bloggers Connect 09: Huggs and kisses in red, blue and piggy slippers

After few days spent digesting and reminiscing the events of last week, now it is time for me to finalize and consolidate memories that will be cherished forever.

It was more or less 2 weeks ago when I started my trip to London for the first ever European based Food Bloggers Connect conference.
When I stepped out of my bed, the day was clear, dark as a chocolate ganache but getting brighter as time went by prepping my suitcase and gathering the last pieces of equipment; making myself ready for the first train. As it is typical for these latitudes (and my luck) on the way to the station it started drizzling. What do you know, in 5 minutes the light drizzle became a huge storm! I have never experienced such a strong wind; I am not a lightweight but it felt definitely hard to walk straight (I even slipped on the sidewalk and had my light beige trousers bare the marks of the accident for the whole weekend). But I was determined; all the weather difficulties of this world couldn’t stop me from reaching my friends in London I had to swim through the Channel!