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My Ebooks:
A thoughtful blend of original ‪‎photography‬, ‪haiku‬ and ‪calligraphy‬; a cathartic journey upon fluid images and simple words.

24 Nov 2014

What's on my Mantlepiece

From my props collection, a little dickie bird in a Romanian earthenware looking at the day passing by.

8 Sep 2014

Monday Lazy Monday

It wouldn't be a Monday if we didn't reminisce about our holidays, isn't it? :) Guess where this was shot?

4 Sep 2014

The roofs of Florence

Experimenting with your photos and point of views can sometimes be rewarding. I quite like this shot of Brunelleschi's dome from San Lorenzo market in Florence.

1 Sep 2014

Standing in the shadows

I love shooting peonies... With this one I tried a light-painting technique but I am not 100% satisfied with the result. I think my floor is too flexible and it bounces when I move around to light the subject, hence the not perfectly sharp result sigh What do you think?

27 Aug 2014

Florence Cathedral - Detail

Florence cathedral is simply huge! Its exterior is filled with wonderfully decorated details that speak of the Renaissance time when it finally got a properroof but not yet a full facade. This is a detail from one of the side portals.

22 Aug 2014

Baroque square

The beautiful island of SIcily is full of architectural wonders, many of which were built during the Baroque period. Here we are in Siracusa, right on the corner of the cathedral square; on your left is the church that houses a famous Caravaggio's masterpiece.

21 Aug 2014

One day in Paris

Sometimes it is just when you least expect that inspiration strucks. I was on my way to the train station, full with luggage and stress, when I glanced at this scene by one of the side wings of the Louvre palace. It took just a few minutes to fish out my camera and shoot the frame before the scene was full of people. Just the right moment...

20 Aug 2014

Sunset by Ponte Vecchio

When in the right season and with the right weather condition, enjoying a sunset by the Ponte Vecchio is one of charming experience that will make your trip to Florence even more memorable (with or without crane).

16 Jul 2014

Vintage peony

Sometimes a touch of vintage toning and some texture can really help creating an interesting picture, What do you think?

11 Jul 2014

Time for rest

Sunset views are always quite soothing and relaxing, especially on sleepy mornings...

10 Jul 2014

Il Sommo Poeta

The church of Santa Croce in Florence is mainly famous for the tombs of famous people buried there. The tomb of Dante Alighieri is though another story, since the one in Florence is a mere empty mausoleum as he is actually buried in Ravenna.

9 Jul 2014

Down the hill

Lyon has two major quarters built on a hill and one of these is disseminated with staircases; a perfect look-out point for some street photography.

6 Jul 2014

Up on the Dome

It's Sunday and that means church time (to some) ;) I like to celebrate by sharing with you one of my latest shots on Florence magnificent cathedral's dome. Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci might have been involved in casting the giant gilded bronze sphere on the lantern?

4 Jul 2014

Santa Lucia alla Badia 1

When they say that the town os SIracusa in SIcily is full of baroque masterpieces, they sure don't lie... As an added surprise. inside this church you can also find a magnificent Caravaggio painting. Who wants to come for visit?

3 Jul 2014

A reminder

If only he shared his knowledge, he could still be with us... petrified!

2 Jul 2014

Only Lyon

Even on a gloomy day, Lyon invites you to admire it from its rivers banks.

1 Jul 2014

25 Jun 2014

Good omen

A quiet view of the busy old town of Lyon including the Fourviere basilica and their little Eiffel tower.

23 Jun 2014

Is it weekend yet?

This are the sundials placed on the facade of Santa Maria Novella church in Florence; and we complain that our modern age is obsessed with time...

22 Jun 2014

Strolling along Sciacca seaside

In this gloomy Sunday all I would need is a walk on the seaside under the warming sun.

21 Jun 2014

Masterful details

During my travels, I am always attracted by these examples of masterful craftmanship of our ancestors. I bet it would be almost impossible to achieve the same height nowadays given the same constraints.

20 Jun 2014

Cherry sidecar

Recipe here:

19 Jun 2014

Salt erosion by Aretusa

When you build your house by the sea, remember what is to come in the future... especially if you use soft sandstone eheh

18 Jun 2014

Peonies 1

I just love peonies! Last weekend we celebrated the Pentecost and, as it is traditional in Germany, we were swimming in peonies (the are called Pentecost-roses for a reason) :D This is what I came up with one of them, more to come soon...

17 Jun 2014

Night in Dante's hood

Many of Florence' streets still have the feel of the Medieval town. I find the area near Dante's house particularly charming. What do you think?

16 Jun 2014

The Remembrance Nectar V

The Remembrance Nectar - With the aromatic touches of the home-made rosemary oil, this cocktail will speak to you of summer breezes around the Mediterranean sea.

14 Jun 2014

Notre Dame on its side

When dealing with Gothic architecture, lovely details await you around every corner. This, for instance, is what you could spot on the side on Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

13 Jun 2014

11 Jun 2014

Place des Jacobins

I guess it is time for a little stroll in Lyon, perhaps on the lookout some some refreshing ice-cream? In the meantime, here we are in Place des Jacobins.

10 Jun 2014

Old timey lovers

It is quite surprising how, by simpply changing perspective, you get a different view on reality. For instance, this is the same statue portrayed here but shot from front view:

9 Jun 2014

Cherry blossoms 3

Now that the heat wave is upon us, I reminisce about those freshly warm spring nights when the cherry blossoms filled my street...

8 Jun 2014

The dry way down

I remember like it was yesterday how freezing it was during those days in Paris but still, it seems like a safe haven from those torrid summer afternoons.

6 Jun 2014

St Martin cathedral's poarch in Lucca

In some of the most ancient cathedral around Tuscany, you will find a porch like this one. I simply love the religiour architecture of Lucca and Pisa, they seemed to love stucking statue heads allover their churches eheh

5 Jun 2014

Entering St Nizier - Lyon

The church of St. Nizier in Lyon is indeed a big surprise. You can spot it very easily on Lyon skyline, with its characteristic conical bell towers, and it definitely deserves a visit. A masterpiece of flamboyant Gothic style, its entrance is a clear example of Renaissance architecture.

3 Jun 2014

Weathered details

While going around old towns, it is interesting to notice how weather has affect antique sculptures left at its mercy. Sometimes you find such distinctive patter like in this carving.

2 Jun 2014

Doors of Lyon

Walking the walk in a new town, stopping for that spontaneous eyecatching moment; this is the life of a traveling photographer.

Detail in Palazzo Vecchio

Palazzo Vecchio in Florence is mostly known for it rugged sandstone facade but its interior contains no minor inspiring sights. This detail, for instance, was shot in its monumental courtyard.

1 Jun 2014

Parisian panorama

Photograph Parisian panorama by Alessio Fangano on 500px

Just before we turn into Monday, I guess we all could go with a relaxing stroll along the Seine. Who is in?

29 May 2014

Bloody orange Sunrise

Photograph Bloody orange Sunrise by Alessio Fangano on 500px

A heavenly mix of blood orange juice, ouzo & rum with the spicy touch of jalapeno and the brininess of green olives. It is simply perfect garnished with a little cilantro... What a treat! Get the recipe here:

28 May 2014

Night at Ponte Vecchio I

Photograph Night at Ponte Vecchio I by Alessio Fangano on 500px

When the weather is fair and the air still warm from the late summer breezes, it is the perfect time to have a night stroll around Florence. The traffic has quiet down, all is calm... Even the Arno river looks like made of glass.

27 May 2014

The loneliness of knowing more

Photograph The loneliness of knowing more by Alessio Fangano on 500px

I have never approached Dante's monument from this angle before, until my last trip to Florence. I was surprised to see how all his defiance and stern gaze gave foot to a more subtle and melancholic demeanor. Even the eagle seems somewhat sad. Knowledge will make you free but perhaps, a little lonely too.

26 May 2014

Going through Certaldo

Photograph Going through Certaldo by Alessio Fangano on 500px

Sometimes a light shines even in the darkest alley and if you are in Tuscany, that light will radiate the warmth of terracotta bricks. It is Monday, the sun will soon shine again...

25 May 2014

The cathedral bell tower in Lucca

Photograph The cathedral bell tower in Lucca by Alessio Fangano on 500px

If you are visiting Tuscany, a stop in Lucca is simply a must. This little town is simply swimming in art and charisma from the old ages.

24 May 2014

In the Cloister

Photograph In the Cloister by Alessio Fangano on 500px

The church of Santa Maria Novella must have the most beautiful cloister of downtown Florence. Just the most perfect place to chek on your FB account, right?

23 May 2014

Old timey Florence

Photograph Old timey Florence by Alessio Fangano on 500px

Last autumn I had a great trip in my old home town of Florence. This time the aim was to capture it with my camera and I am still editing those fiules.... When it comes to the Duomo and its famous cupola, it is hard to create something new so I dared a little in this picture of mine. I hope will like it.

22 May 2014

Alone with my thoughts

Photograph Alone with my thoughts by Alessio Fangano on 500px

When a day starts badly or in a very hectic way, I really wish I could be on the sea shores alone with my thought....and a coffee ;)

21 May 2014

Pork stew with cumin, peas, arugula and dark chocolate

We all know how well dark chocolate goes with pork, right? For this reason, when I was developing my "Cooking with Chocolate" class, I decided to feature a pork stew as the meat-course of the evening. To have the best end result, I needed a cut of pork that would stay moist during braising and that didn't require that long to cook (time limitations are unfortunately paramount in hands-on cooking classes). I resorted then to my favorite cut: pork shoulder. I really love its balance of fatty richness and lean tender meat. I usually find it in the form of steaks and oftentimes, I simply love to pan sear them and then smother in strong extra virgin olive oil and zingy lemon juice or better even, lemon salt. A treat for those nights when I am too bored to cook anything more involved.
In the recipe I developed for the cooking class, I decided to use the earthy aroma of roasted cumin as the spice of choice to lace this stew. I chose peas to be the vegetable component since I wanted a little more sweetness in the final dish, beside they pair greatly with cumin.
The dish needed a little vibrancy though and so, to keep it simple but still flavorful, I decided to add some arugula to it. I really like the peppery and slight bitter notes of this leafy green, it really cuts through the richness of the stew.

Dark chocolate is a great ingredient for savory dishes and I really had fun coming up with recipes featuring it like the one I am proposing you today.

20 May 2014

Cultural chains

Photograph Cultural chains by Alessio Fangano on 500px

Sometimes what really catches your eye are these small urban details. This chains were shot in Siracusa right in front of the famous antique drama school INDA.

18 May 2014

Paccheri with Pomodorini and marinated Red Onion

Photograph Paccheri with Pomodorini and marinated Red Onion by Alessio Fangano on 500px

For my upcoming cooking class I wanted to create a recipe that would highlight the sweet richness of Paccheri pasta. As it is often the case, simple is best, when you have such great pasta to start with.

17 May 2014

Seine Rive Droite

Photograph Seine Rive Droite by Alessio Fangano on 500px

Everyday parisian life, with its commotion and traffic jam so much so that even the tourists boats seem stuck in traffic.