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My Ebooks:
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24 Feb 2012

Cuccia and devotional eating

Carneval 2012 - Bonn
In many of our cities, the past weekend has been dedicated to the celebration of Carnival; it sure has been around here in Bonn.

With Bavaria, North-Rhine Westphalia is the German region where "Karneval" is mostly felt and longed for since the 11th of November when the preparations for the celebrations start (at 11:11am to be precise).
Till last year this fixation with the number 11 sounded unexplainable to me but all got cleared out last autumn. The 3rd of October marked the 11th anniversary of the Unification of Germany and the celebrations were set to take place in Bonn.
During those days, me and a friend of mine took the chance to wonder around the city and got attracted by a known-to-be-there-but-never-heard-about museum. It turned out to be the Museum of the Bonner Shoah.
While wondering through its corridors we had the luck to be approached by the museum director who very kindly offered us a guided tour.

13 Feb 2012

Kaffir-lime risotto with saffron mussels and roasted hazelnuts

Creamy kefir lime-bay risotto with saffron mussels
It slipped almost unnoticed but our little baby just turned 3.
It doesn't look like right? Still so small and full of promises, rough around the edges but with a softy heart.

It came to life amongst the street of Paris between a narghile pipe and a chai, between wild chemistry talks and calm heart-pouring sessions between friends.

In 3 years it found many friends and supporters to make its parents proud of its stumbling through the virtual life. Still uncertain of where to go, a fall every now and then, a seldom cry for help or out of frustration.

6 Feb 2012

Peppered pork-fillet with tangy peanut-butter-pomegranate sauce

Peppered pork fillet with Peanut butter & pomegranate sauce
On January the Secret Recipe Club took a hiatus to allow for quieter holidays for most of us but not for our hosts. They have been working behind the scenes to update the whole machine. The head-master of the whole process is Amanda of Amanda's Cookin'.
Destiny wants that I was the one chosen to cook out of her blog this month.