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11 Feb 2014

A little bedtime story

Sometimes we don´t realize what is happening to us, sometimes we feel as if everything is normality itself.
The little troubles we have on a daily basis, have become so embroidered in the tapestry of our life that we don´t even notice them as extraneous anymore.
It is hard to believe that we actually might not be what we have become.

Meditating toward Africa by Alessio Fangano on

Chronic physical conditions would do this to you, slowly and inexorably change your universe. Often we simply can´t anything against these changes and we are better integrating them in our lives than fight them as extraneous constraints to our cry for freedom and self-realization.
It´s true what they say, there is always something new to learn from any situation and often this was what had me go through those gloomy days when not even the spring sun was enough to brighten my perspectives. Days, weeks, years passed by before what was simple acceptancy of the inevitable transformed into a concrete hope for a change.

The change has happened, the sun is shining again and a gentle breeze is pushing my lifeboat through uncharted waters of serene innovation. A new hilarious sense of adventure is in the air and life appears even more beautiful than it has ever been.

With the Birds and a pink Sky by Alessio Fangano on

The tricky part now is to recreate the interface with the exterior world, the revision of past decisions and intentions that now seem highly inaccurate and improper.

It has been a long while since I have written something new in this personal diary of mine, I somewhat didn't feel its acquired image to be a fit to me anymore. Or was rather the image I had of it in my mind that bothered me?

I have come to accept my life as being a continuously evolving entity to somehow study as if I was looking at it from the outside but this seems somewhat more difficult to implement on something concrete where external expectations might be placed upon. Why is it then so hard to extend this idea to a blog? A blog is after all supposed to be a diary reflecting your love, hates and daily struggles right? But a blog is also a creature of habit, standards and routines and these are what really cause us to cringe at the idea of major changes.

Staircase at Gallerie Vivienne by Alessio Fangano on

Having a blog as the public face of our businesses doesn't really make things easier. Businesses are supposed to be solid rocks of Gibraltar, never flinching even under the strongest winds. People are not like that in real life and so, I think, shouldn't be our personal businesses, provided they remain true to our life call naturally.

From now on, I will try to treat this blog as a good friend with whom to share (the public side of) my struggles, thoughts and creative adventures. With a long speech or a silence, some food or inspiring sights, I will try to repopulate this space with tidbits of what I am/was/will be up to. Perhaps it will feel unusual at the beginning but I hope you will bare with me while I explore what my future will be about.


  1. Alessio, how great to hear from you. A lot of things you said resonated with me. For instance, life being a constantly evolving entity and each day bringing things to learn. I have been thinking lately about how life is an art, not a science. I often wish there were rules about how to handle life better. (I'm a mathematician.) But that is not how it works, life is earthly, a bit haphazard, planned but messy. Thanks for your voice of authenticity.

    As a sidebar, please can you tell me where these pictures are from? The curious part of my mind wants to know. They are beautiful.

    That has made me think that your phrase about posting some "food or inspiring sights". You have inspired me!

    1. Oh, I clicked the pictures and got the descriptions. No need to do anything! :)

    2. Thanks for your nice words Sarah :) Glad you got inspired by the photos too ;)

  2. A hilarious sense of adventure - I LOVE how that sounds. What a positive and inspiring post.