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My Ebooks:
A thoughtful blend of original ‪‎photography‬, ‪haiku‬ and ‪calligraphy‬; a cathartic journey upon fluid images and simple words.

29 Apr 2014


Strolling in Lyon Beaux Arts museum cloister, you can find this and many other pieces of art immersed in a cozy and relaxing green park; perfect for an afternoon read!

28 Apr 2014

Tuscan Veal t-bone with roasted potatoes

Photograph Tuscan Veal t-bone with roasted potatoes by Alessio Fangano on 500px

When in Tuscany, you can't help from enjoying some of local juicy meats. Cooking it over charcoal is the traditional way of preparing it and the resulting flavors are unparalleled!

27 Apr 2014

Coysevox's Madonna

Photograph Coysevox's Madonna by Alessio Fangano on 500px

St Nizier is one of the most beautiful churches in central Lyon, its high steeples are visible from all around the town. This statue is one of the masterpieces it contains from the XVIIIth century sculptor Coysevox.

26 Apr 2014


An old fishermen port is always a really inspiring place. This was shot in the port of AciTrezza near Catania in Sicily.

25 Apr 2014

St Blandine in Ainay

St. Blandine was one of the first Christian martyrs and was executed in Lyon; for this reason she now is one of the patron saints of the town.

22 Apr 2014

Spring in green and pink

When the cherry trees in your street are mainly propagated by grafting procedures, you may come upon a tree with both pink and white cherry blossoms.

21 Apr 2014

Roasted Cauliflower with Parsley and an Orange juice-Vanilla dressing

Photograph Roasted Cauliflower salad with Vanilla-Orange dressing by Alessio Fangano on 500px

Roasted cauliflower is at its hype at the moment, but it is indeed a really versatile and deeply satisfying way of eating this creamy white vegetable.
By roasting it, you concentrate its natural sweetness enriching it with delicate earthy notes of caramelized bits.
In my Sicilianity, I couldn't help myself but dress it using fresh squeezed orange juice and a little garlic for that needed pungency. A strew of freshly chopped parsley can only enrich this salad with its deep grassy notes.

20 Apr 2014

Inside St George - Lyon

On the left bank of the Saone lies the church of St George. After a long history of devotion, power and destruction, this antique church was restored in the XIXth century as we see it today, in the neogothic style.

14 Apr 2014

Monday morning at the sea

Sometimes all that you need is a quiet rest on a beach, taking in the salty breeze and contemplating the infinite blue.

13 Apr 2014

Spring Night under the Cherry trees

It was a few weeks ago, when the cherry trees in my neighborhood were at their best, full of plush pink blossoms; during a photowalk I joined with local photographers that I snapped this impression.

12 Apr 2014

Old Leisures

In the garden of the Beaux Arts museum in Lyon, a glimpse of old times when the Lumieres brothers were still roaming the streets.

11 Apr 2014

View toward la Croix Russe

The city of Lyon is bathed by two rivers: the Saone and the Rhone. Here we look upstream the Saone, toward the high quarter of the Croix Russe, while the charming Old Lyon rests at our left and the modern buzzing heart of the town on our right. Being almost 25Mp, this is a shot that I would suggest you enjoy in full screen mode.

10 Apr 2014

Gathering Clouds

Outside Siracusa's cathedral photographing one of its guardians: St Peter. I wonder what he is thinking...

9 Apr 2014

Urban detail - Lyon

Sometimes, while strolling around a new town, you may stop dead in your tracks so much so to arise people interest. That is until they realise you carry a photo-camera...

8 Apr 2014

Linguine with fried zucchini and prawn sauce

I really love this recipe! I got to create it for one of my cooking class and now I can't stop thinking about it. The intensely caramelised zucchini, the sweet sweet prawn sauce and that slick pasta... I'm hungry.

The secret lies in the quick stock done with the prawns shells and now, let's get cooking!

Linguine with spicy zucchini and prawn sauce

Ingredients (serve 4-5):

  • 500g linguine pasta
  • 200g raw prawns shell on
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • 20g carrot
  • 20g leek greens
  • 50ml white wine
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 300g zucchini
  • 20g cherry tomatoes
  • Fresh chilli pepper, to taste


Take the shell off the prawns and place them on a small saucepan with a little olive oil. 
Toast the prawn shells until they are all orange-pink and some spots are turning white.

In the meantime, finely chop the carrot and the leek greens. Add the vegetables to the prawn shells and stir; let cook for a few minutes. Add the wine, one garlic clove, enough water to cover and let simmer for 15-20 minutes.

Chop the prawns into pieces and set aside.
Slice the zucchini in 1/2cm slices and further cut each of them in 4-6 pieces. 
Slice the cherry tomatoes in half and the remaining two garlic cloves in thin slices.
Finely chop the chilli pepper.

Put a big pot of water to boil.

Place a pan over medium heat, add some extra-virgin olive oil and let it heat up. Transfer the zucchini slices to the pan and cook until browned. 

The prawn stock should be ready by now. Strain it through a fine meshed sieve into a bowl. Press on the solids to recover all the possible flavorful liquids. 
Weigh the resulting stock, you should have roughly 150ml worth of liquid. If it is more than this, place it back in its saucepan and cook it a little bit further. 

Cook the linguine pasta as instructed on the packaging. 

At this point add the chopped cherry tomatoes, the chilli pepper with the sliced garlic to the pan and cook for 2-3 minutes before adding the prawn pieces and the prawn stock. Cook until you get a nice saucy consistency. Taste and season it with salt as required. Take it off the heat and reserve covered until needed.
Drain the pasta al dente and transfer it in the pan containing the sauce. Saute it over medium heat for a few minutes to mix it well with the sauce and serve.

6 Apr 2014

Cherry Blossoms #1

With all the pinkiness sorrounding me for the past week, I couldn't help myself but take a few shots of the cherry blossoms outside my windows. This is one of them.

5 Apr 2014

Whip it up!

Lyon townscape is full of hills; la Croix Russe is one of the highest and hence full of staircases. This is one of them personalised by one of the many murals in town, and what a mural!

4 Apr 2014

Drizzling toward Notre Dame

When in Paris, rock with what you get rain or shine! Sometimes, a drizzle can actually add interesting variations to a familiar scene. If only we grew a third arm to hold the umbrella while shooting...

3 Apr 2014

A stroll around Paris

Atrolling aimlessly is defintiely the best way to explore new towns and, when in Paris, get comfy shoes!

2 Apr 2014

Inner beauty

Sometimes you have to cross that open door to discover the inner beauty of an old courtyard with its wild-nature spot.

1 Apr 2014

Bridge at Hotel Dieu - Lyon

Being built across two rivers, you bet Lyon is full of charming bridges landscapes. This one feature the humongous Hotel Dieu, once a hospital now undergoing major renovations.