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12 Oct 2009

TweetPost #1: Chickpeas & Mussels; a couple made in Heaven!

So here we go with the fast post composed, posted and eaten without much fuss :P
The first one is about tonight's dinner. It was long time since I last had chickpeas with rice so today I decided to swig that way. This is what I came up with:
Chickpea Risotto with Tarragon and Mussel

In the spirit of simplicity I wont put an explicit ingredient list, so the execution reads like the following.
Sweat a shallot in some olive oil, add the drained chickpeas from a can and some rice (1cup or so). Stir around for a while and add the chickpeas liquid along with some water. Let the whole cook for 15m or so, season with salt and pepper and add a nice bunch of tarragon chopped.
The mussels have simply been steamed with some garlic (didn't have parsley this time). Put them over the rice or in it, as u wish.
To garnish, whisk some of the liquid from the mussels with some olive oil and pour it over the plated rice and add some slivered red chilli.

The result was yummy!!! Sweet and savoury from the mussels, nice bite from the chickpeas, overall a nice smooth feeling (the rice came soft, not bad since I was going more for a soup thing). A must try! Let me know your opinions. :-)


  1. I have mussels in garlic butter planned for dinner tonight, I'm sure I could work some chickpeas in too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Yum! Love everything, the mussels, the chickpeas, the risotto. Great meal!