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22 Feb 2010

H2Ope for Haiti: A fundraiser-raffle with great prizes for a great purpose

One month ago Haiti was shaken by a devastating earthquake. As Italian, and Sicilian mostly, I have experienced these events on my skin far too many times. Though the destruction was never as big as what happened in Port-au-Prince.
We have been filled in by the TV on all the facts and the desperation; we might even have friends that now are working in-loco to help the population. Anesthetized as we are to these type of news, by the continues hammering reports of accidents, deaths, disasters that poor on us each and every time we switch on TV; we realize that this is not a situation to forget about and push back in our memories.
As foodies community we know the value of sharing, of giving and often sacrifice. Our efforts, the products of our sleepless nights are made to be shared with our beloved, in the big marketplace that is the virtual world and around the tables that are our blogs.
We are not new to manifestations of social outreach; The Blogger Aid Cookbook
collecting the recipes from blogger all over the world, year by year helps supporting the United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP).
From Sunday, February 21 till Sunday, February 28th BloggerAid – Changing the Face of Famine is organizing H2Ope for Haiti; a raffle to raise funds for Concern Worldwide’s Relief Effort in Haiti  (providing clean drinking water and purification tablets to the victims of the recent earthquake).
Many thanks go to Jeanne of Cook Sister! for her dedication and efforts in making this possible.
Many gorgeous prizes have been provided by blogger from all around the globe (and if not expressly specified they will be shipped worldwide): original art-works in form of photography and paintings, signed books, baking goodies packages, vouchers and much more; the variety is huge and able to tickle the interest of each and every of you.
Here you will find the complete list of the prizes with their relative raffle code (very important!). Visiting the Just Giving donation page you will find all the information on how to purchase your raffle ticket for the prize of your choice.
So please, buy as many raffle tickets you wish (each of them is priced at £6.50 – about €7.4 or $10).

As contribution to this event I have decided to donate a gorgeous book: Shirley Corriher’s ”CookWise: The Secrets of Cooking Revealed” with Prize Code HFH21.
"Can you tell whether a recipe will work before you cook it? You can if you know what's cooking."
As a biochemist, Shirley Corriher has all the right credentials to explain us what’s going on. Her witty and playful style of writing will make you read this book like a novel; who won’t share a laugh when she shares with us what happened to her first roasted duck; which, poor thing, burst open while cooking because overstuffed?
How to avoid your melted chocolate to become a grainy mass? Go directly to Chapter 7 – “Sweet thoughts and chocolate dreams” where Shirley explains us the wonders of crystals in cooking delivering us her recipe for the Sinfully Easy Fudge among other delicacies.
Always wondered about that sticky gooey dough that becomes delicious bread? Have you ever admired those high, ethereal soufflés but felt always intimidated by them? Fear no more, in this book you may find all the basic knowledge that will make your legs stronger and you fearless and proud of yourself.
With over 230 fail proof and delicious recipes (from apple pie to beurre blanc) and 42 at-a-glance troubleshooting charts; Shirley make you, the cook, the one in control!
This book has it all; it reads like a novel, it will become a reference resource for your dinner parties and one of the books that will never collect dust on your shelves.

The prize code for this book: HFH21;

Let me remind then you all the important links and pages to visit:
Good luck!


  1. I'm spoilt for choice with all these raffle prizes. Going to need to buy more than one ticket!

  2. Great post Alessio! Thanks so much for your generous support of this project - that book sounds like a treasure. I hope everybody reading this is off to buy a ticket ;-)

  3. This is a really great prize! What a fantastic book for food bloggers everywhere. Thanks for donating this, Alessio.

  4. Ok, just donated twice :)
    See you later, Ale.

    Love ya, Rita

  5. Great cookbook you're donating Alessio! I'll have to get more raffle tickets now! :)

  6. Alessio or Rita - I received the donation from Rita but have no e-mail address for her!! Please can you send me a contact address urgently emailcooksister AT googlemail DOT com.

  7. Allesioooooooo... what a gorgeous contribution. Hmmm... I'd better be buying more raffle tickets. Teehee dear, I love this und raiser! xo