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13 Apr 2010

Sun bathed Sardines

Oh the sun... I came to Sicily with the hope to see more sun than I would staying in Germany but, I was wrong. At least so far... On almost 8 days that I arrived in my home town, we have had only 3 days of sun; at least one was Easter. 
Tonight I was in the mood for some sun, the day has been gloomy all the way through and rainy. A look in the fridge and I realized we still had few fresh sardines that my father had bought at the fish market; we never run out of oranges around here and this is the period of blood oranges so bride and groom ready, time for the wedding to take place.

Sun bathed Sardines

Ingredients (makes 2 servings):
  • 1/2 tbsp Extra vergin olive oil;
  • 1 pinch red chili flakes;
  • 1 medium spring onion, sliced;
  • 1 stalk celery, diced fine;
  • 1/4cup white wine;
  • 5 cherry tomatoes, halved;
  • 1 blood orange, supremed and chopped
  • 10 sardines, cleaned and opened "a libro" (flat);
  • 1/2cup water;
  • 2 sprigs of parsley, chopped;
  • salt.
In a medium skillet heat up the oil with the chili flakes, take care not to let them burn. Add then the sliced spring onions, the celery and the white wine. Stirring on a high flame, let the wine evaporate almost completely before adding the tomatoes along with the oranges. When the tomatoes will start to wilt, add the water and the sardines on a single layer if possible. Bring back to a simmer, cover, switch off the flame and let poach for 5min or so. Remove them to warm plates and keep them warm while you reduce the sauce. Season the sauce with salt and the chopped parsley and drizzle over the sardines before serving. Eat with rustic bread or some rice.

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  1. I love oily fish like sardines and mackerel but since they're ony good super fresh I never get to eat them, boo (I'm from NZ but I live in Austria and I don't trust the fish here)... The orange in your recipe must cut the oiliness well.