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19 Oct 2010

Friendship is sharing: a wrap that crosses the Oceans

Chapatti wrap of pickled eggplant Sicilian style with fresh mint and coriander leaves served with a maracuja, chocolate, fried onions dip sauce

Few weeks ago Aparna asked me if I was willing to write a guest post for her, my answer was naturally yes! Apart from being this an honour to be featured on her blog My Diverse Kitchen, how could I say no to a friend?
Once fixed the time details, I just had to think about a yummy vegetarian recipe to contribute.
You might remember that last month Velveteers’ challenge pivoted around the Sicilian caponata; Aparna loved it so much that I promised myself to show her more examples of the fine art of Sicilian veggies.
Last year in one of my visit back home, I bought some little booklets that collect various recipes from Sicilian culinary tradition from the different areas and cities of the island. I started reading the vegetables volume to find out that almost one third of its recipes feature eggplants; they are indeed one of the most beloved vegetable in Sicily. I already delved deeper into the gastronomic history of this fruit in my Caponata post but let me just remind here how it was considered at first as a poisonous "apple" and then relegated as food suited only for Jews.
Curious for more? Let's head over to Aparna's.


  1. love love love the glaze on the eggplants! this looks juicy and so filling! eggplants are very loved in kuwait specially when grilled and pureed into salsa

  2. Wow very delicious. Thanks for sharing.