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19 May 2011

From the streets of Sicily a sticky and sweet comfort food

Crispelle di riso

My dear friend Asha some time ago asked me if I was willing to participate to her street-food month to celebrate her blog anniversary.
No doubts I wanted to be part of such fun and deserved celebrations though I was a bit doubtful about venturing into German street food. You see, what passes for street food here is mostly grilled sausages in a bun, with French fries or with a curried ketchup sauce. Not really my cup of tea as concerning experimentation.
Sicilian street food was the way to go.

Lately I have seen quite a number of Arancini posts around the blogospheres so I thought I should give it a try but in one of those blissful moment of inspiration I remembered of another street food that I simply adore:

Crispelle di riso di San Giuseppe (St. Joseph's sticky rice fritters)

For the recipe let's head over to Asha's.


  1. Look wonderful Al; love the idea of a dessert with sticky rice.

  2. Arancini are one of my favorite appetizers. What a lovely photo!

  3. Hehe, what's wrong with sausages and fries?? Or doener?

    (Gosh, I'd kill for some greasy street food right now. It's 9:15 A.M. ... *lol*)

  4. Oooh I love Arancini but have never had these sticky rice fritters. What a great idea!

  5. Ooch what a great dish to have for after noon meal.It sounds better and great to have fun.