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5 Jun 2011

Walnuts cinnamon bread-rolls for a breakfast oversea

This is being a year full of lovely friends and travels.
All started in April when I had the chance to meet sweet Pamela of My Man's Belly and hubby. Luckily enough they were in Düsseldorf for some business and that means below 1h of train of distance from me.

After convincing them in meeting up in Bonn instead of Cologne, we enjoyed a very lovely day coffee hopping and belly filling; usual routine for when foodies get together, right? You might say that only one thing might be missing from the foodie-madness picture and that is actually the picture taking itself; do not despair we did also that! You see, one of the reasons (or baits) I used to lure them into my German lair were the lovely Japanese cherry trees planted along my street that were in full bloom in that period.

Japanese cherry trees in Bonn

The weather wasn't perfect, we actually escaped quite a few strong showers while prophetically sipping on some coffee but the sun pierced through the thick layer of clouds and we got some pretty nice shots of the pinkiness around us.

Japanese cherry trees in Bonn

It didn't take long for us to start eating, barely 10m from meeting up...
I brought them to my favorite espresso bar and I unveiled to them some special bread-rolls I have made expressly for our breakfast.

Good Coffee!!

A spin on Laugenbroetchen, they were based on Pretzel bread dough with few extra additions: roasted walnuts and cinnamon, a light sugary glaze made them even daintier but let's head to Pamela's for the rest of the story.

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  1. I loved that post. You were obviously the perfect host. Food and drink upon arrival. ;)